GuidingCare Integration API

Integration API specifications, release notes, and all related documentation

GuidingCare provides a robust suite of RESTful APIs that support customer integrations with various third-party solutions. We offer over over 75 API endpoints to integrate content into our native workflows, following the clinical workflow rules built into GuidingCare. Contact your account team to learn more or for assistance in designing your integration.

API Catalog

Find the functionalities GuidingCare API Suite supports.

API Changelog

The API Changelog represents a log of all the changes to the GuidingCare APIs and the versions that are related to each new addition.

API Specs

Review the API documentation for GuidingCare API Suite.

API Essentials

Learn more about the fundementals of the GuidingCare APIs, including authentication, structure, error handling, and more.

Previous Versions

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