Integrating with GuidingCare

We understand that your healthcare ecosystem is large and complex. That is why the HealthEdge next-generation integrated product suite is built to seamlessly integrate with all vendors and technology you need to do business. Together, HealthRules Payor, Source, GuidingCare and Wellframe empower customers to effectively compete, improve the quality of healthcare and be resilient to changes in the healthcare marketplace.

You can utilize GuidingCare’s out-of-the-box integration suite to easily connect your vendor ecosystem and improve business outcomes for all stakeholders in the healthcare continuum.

4 Quadrants of the HealthEdge Integrated Product Suite


Productized Integrations

  • Pre-built, standardized integrations with leading healthcare vendors, leveraging GuidingCare’s ecosystem of connected partners.

Integration API Suite

  • Built as RESTful APIs, retrieves and updates data in real time.

Batch Interfaces

  • File-based processes that run at scheduled intervals.

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